Wednesday, August 19, 2015

LEGO Dimensions Level Packs Don't Come Cheap

Hope you all aren't getting news about being parents any time soon or at least that it isn't yours. LEGO Dimensions Level Packs don't come cheap at $29.99 for coming with a character, vehicle and item for most. They unlock a bonus level based on the theme of the character, Homer Simpson, The Simpsons Level; Doctor Who, Doctor Who Level. Know were unsure of how much is really unlocked by getting three LEGO figures that would cost under $10 for themselves alone. It's seems $29.99 is asking for a lot. Is it worth the content that will be shared? $30 is the price for some full retail titles on the 3DS.

LEGO Dimensions starter pack is $99.99 with it's own Stargate/portal for all future attachments. So by just buying twos pack with it you've spent $160.

We may have been fast to say kids will want the figures. Many of the sets are based on nostalgia. It's not the new Ghostbusters making it into the game, it's the old guys. Back to the Future was made thirty years ago. Looks like LEGO and Warner Bros are trying to cash in on our childhoods.

The figures do work with any system, it would have been horrible if Krusty and Clown would only work on Wii U.

Also not discussed is if the figures can be played on each friend's system and unlock the same content.