Friday, August 7, 2015

Harbringer Down Review: Oh, It's Down

I was enthralled to check out a new horror film when I read the press release about how it was by the people who had their conventional special effects taken out of the awful "The Thing" prequel. The CGI -laden prequel was so bad anything that was taken out must have been good, right? Right?

Then there was the bit about the director writing the script in a public library in Calabasas and the film being made in a warehouse in Chatsworth. It struck me as an old-fashion indie film.

Hello SyFy Channel, do I have a new movie for you!

Harbringer Down is just a bad remake of The Thing or that one I can remember from Universal where they're trapped on a boat and it changes everyone to cyborgs. In any case, the acting and writing are just too stupid to be in any way liked.

A crab catching vessel picks up something similar to "the thing" and a hundred other bad films and brings it on board as it kills the crew one-by-one. So similar to hundreds of other horror films.

The conventional special effects were fun and sure to give any little kids nightmares, that would be my only praise of the film.

There's just levels of problems here. The scientists on board that seem to be too stupid to be scientist. The random family moments between Lance Henriksen playing the Captain and the lead of the film played by Camille Balsamo (Sadie Graff). People are dying around us let's not forget Grandma's ashes? Camille looks like Jessica Alba as a scientist in any film, which is unbelievable. Unbelievable any of the people involved were considered actors.

A sub-plot with the USSR was like seeing that there were no new ideas from older directors. It's always Russia behind it. Always.

Harbringer Down is a great so bad it's good movie to mock with friends. It's not in anyway a good horror film to frighten you, unless your frightened of a good plot.

It's so like The Thing and other films in the genre of horror I suggest watching one before seeing it to just see the obvious similarities. It's a knock-off of a knock off of leftover special effects from a bad horror movie.