Tuesday, August 18, 2015

LA Links: Water & Rocks

Overcharged DWP customers would get tens of millions back under settlement

"In all, the department says it billed $44 million in excessive charges after the system went into effect. DWP Chief Administrative Officer David Wright said the utility has already refunded or credited some of the money, reducing the sum still owed customers to $36 million."

People are dumb enough to buy rocks.

The Getty Sold Pieces of Its Leftover Rock as Souvenirs. But What Happens Now That It's Run Out?

"During the building's construction process, more than 108,000 square meters of this stone were cut from a quarry wall, then shipped over from Italy, but not all the stone was used. Hence the perfect chance for what retailers call upcycling: taking a waste project and turning it into a desirable new commodity."