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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Smash on the big screen

It all came down to Nicole and Diego in the final round of the Super Smash Bros Wii U competition inside the theater downtown. You could hear hear Luigi go, "Bang, bang!, " as he won for Nicole in each match. The screen rained lava as a friend couldn't figure how to get into the safety enclosure that was lava-proof, neither could the enemy as the blasted of screen. Ike, the Knight, whose named was praised in-game with, "We Like Ike!," was soon smooshed on the screen more than once. There's nothing quite like playing video games in a theater; all I know is it has to happen more.

Diego won the tournament that night at the Downtown Independent,. Next door Pitfire Pizza was enjoying a trivia night, it wasn't watching a gelatinous pink blob eat a man and spit him out, last Wednesday night. A night promised to have more of, if enough people hear about it and ask for it. I want more and you should too, because there's just something so great about playing 7 other opponents on the big screen. It doesn't matter how large your HD TV is, the theater experience beats it.

Just seeing the moving landscapes on screen, my friend in attendance got nauseous. The blinking lights on Dr. Wiley's Fortress, why hadn't I noticed them before? Having the world so big on screen let's you see the details you may have missed on countless cramped plays, no matter how big the TV.

The tournament gave away prizes including a gift card to the champion and free tickets for those who ranked high enough.

Tell the Downtown Independent if you want more games on the big screen.