Friday, August 14, 2015

Things To Go See: Court, Final Girl, Docs

Why isn't "Court" streaming already? This seems like the perfect film to kickback and laugh at with Indian court system as the punching bag. If you though our court system was ridiculous, two years for really anything to happen here, welcome to Narayan Kamble's hell. The folk singer is accused in assisting a suicide of a city sewer worker by the harshness of a song he sang. The real story is the comedic, if not realistic look at the court system in India.

This film has been getting many awards abroad and will stand out for hiring non-conventional actors. The director hired regular 9-to-5ers to fill in many supporting roles.

What really draws me to see it is, how this awful court system is accepted. How real is this dramedy to what its like there?

At the Music Hall Theatre from 14th to 20th August.

*Bonus points on a great poster

"Final Girl"needs someone better to cut it's trailer. What happens when four murdeous teeange boys pick up a hired assassin? The premise may be better than the actual film. Some better known actors start if off with the training of our blonde bombshell, then the rest of the movie has to be carried on the backs of the new crew.

Who doesn't like the premise and who doesn't want to see four psychos get their just deserts.

FINAL GIRL filmmaker Tyler Shields will introduce the 8 PM screening of the film at the NoHo on Friday, August 14.

 At the NoHo 7 from 14th to 20th August.

What's Up, Docs

Two trailers for some upcoming docs that have gained my interest "Billion Dollar Bully", about the downright shady nature of Yelp and "An Open Secret", a look into pedophiles with power in Hollywood and those who have suffered. The pedophile doc is such toxic waste that the director is trying to backpedal out of press for it. while its producer is going full force to attack some of the Hollywood elite.