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Friday, May 1, 2015

A & J Games So Filled With Games

It's like they crammed Game Dude into a smaller store. What if Game Dude did lose it's store and had all those games left? A & J Games would probably be a good example of what it might look like. On a recent trip to Culver City I hopped by where there were piles of PlayStation games, walls of PS2 titles and ancient systems of old like Colecovision and Omni. I entered A & J Games, a store you'd pass by and never notice. It's only mark coming from Yelp coverage. On entering I was blown away at the old games they had for every system. Boxes of Atari cartridges, Sega Saturns, and more. The place has every title your looking for or missing. I can not relay to you how many titles I just wanted to take down and start playing. You could easily collect a collection by going here once.

They have the new titles too, but this place was made for someone wanting a retro-collection.

No award in a beauty contest, it's no where as clean or sterile as Game Dude or World 8. Kids, don't bring Mom, she'll hate it. Dad, don't bring Mom, she'll hate it.

They also fix up your systems at fair prices.

A & J Games
11132 Palms Blvd 
Los Angeles, CA 90034 
P (310) 390-5440 
11am-8pm weekly,
except Friday, 3pm-8pm