Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vocaloid Party Night

Chelly-Jelly Productions announce the first Vocaloid party in Los Angeles, "World Is Mine, Music Is Ours" supported by MIKUBOOK (the official Hatsune Miku community), Anime Jungle (LA's biggest anime/tokusatsu goods store) and Tune in Tokyo (everyone's favorite DJs/event group that promote international Pops in LA)!!!

It will also be the Anime Jungle's renewal opening party!!

Make sure you cosplay as Vocaloid characters to get a special discount! ;)

When ♥ 8:30pm~11:00pm on 8/25/2012
Where ♥ Anime Jungle
(319 East 2nd Street #103, Los Angeles, CA 90012)
How much ♥ $5 at door
$3 only if you show up in full Vocaloid cosplay!
(this means you have to have a wig + costume)

Programs ♥ Vocaloid Fashion Show
Vocaloid Idol Performance
Vocaloid Dance Performance
Vocaloid Cosplay Contest (Regsiteration is available at Anime Jungle Store front, Phone, and entry form below.)
Vocaloid DJ

Entry Form

Let's party with Hatsune Miku and us!!!! ♥♥

Chelly-Jelly Productions
http://www.facebook.com/ CherryJellyProductions

http://www.facebook.com/ pages/Hatsune-Miku/ 10150149727825637

Anime Jungle
http://www.facebook.com/ pages/ Anime-Jungle-Special-Collec tors-Shop-Los-Angeles/ 258315663861

Tune in Tokyo
http://www.facebook.com/ TuneInTokyoClub