Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nisei Week Positives

 There's still plenty of fun to be had at Nisei week in Little Tokyo, which should really be called Nisei Weeks or month as it's been going on for a while and continues next weekend. Check out the Kinouykia Bookstores sale out front, continues Sunday. Below it, at the market, if you spend $30 you can play some raffle game and win prizes outside. There's plenty of food booths and sales to check out along the village plaza. Plenty of lanterns to see wafting in the breeze near the MOCA too.

 Inside of the Japanese National American Museum it was a free day and kids were having fun with free pictures and folding paper into what I was told was origami. There was also a kids hula hoop competition. There are few carnival games like catching goldfish or catching fake fish at the Hello Kitty store. There were still be some fun activities for the kids this Sunday, August 12th. I think JANM won't be open for free anymore though.