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Friday, August 24, 2012

Sundance Cinemas Starts Soon

 The brand new Sundance Cinemas was being built around me with finishing touches be applied. As mustached workers cobbled and clanged around me I thought how annoying it would be if I was seeing a movie and they would be outside. This was all for Sundance Sunset 5 opening to a sold-out opening at the end of the month. .
This theater was made with adults in mind with the place being 21+ starting at 4pm with plenty of places to relax, talk and share a kiss. Don't forget getting a drink and being to take in anywhere including outside.The best two parts of the new theater are the brand new seats giving you more arm room and the reservation seating

There will be an art gallery space with local artists only coming in out every month. The only concern is pricing might go up and be on par with the price of 3D films even though they won't be.Sundance will be making up to you with no commercials before a movie, but still that's expensive.

Look forward to some independent films from the small distributors in LA. However, Sundance didn't have any line-up and was shy about what films would be actually playing. Check out their site in the following weeks for more content.