Saturday, August 18, 2012

LEGO Monster Fighters

Just in time for Halloween LEGO Monster Fighters. I know were still a month and a few weeks from October, but these are already on shelves.

 Combining Legos and monsters is pure spooky genuis. Sure, they can be used for decoration during Halloween, but the Lego design of classic monsters characters like Dracula "Lord Vampyre", the Werewolf and other classic ghouls has me wanting to get a set for a child, then not giving it to them and making the set myself. I've already been enthralled with Lego Batman 2 with a future review on the way, but there's something about building in real life.

They made a real Ghost Train, so out of spooky fiction and a Haunted Castle "Vampyre Castle". There's even a set called "The Zombies". Yes, we know have Lego zombies. Then you have the design of the sets and new figures. The design of the Lego Monster Hunters is steam punk as well as there gadgets to stop monsters. The zombie set features a car with rotating hammers to knock down zombies while in motion. There are multiple sets out now, find the one you want and put it together... before it's too late.

Get'em here

Update: There's going to be a Haunted House