Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Squidbillies Volume 5 & Children's Hospital Season 3 Reviews

Squidbillies Volume 5

Squidbillies Volume 5 or roughly season six of the cartoon about a family of horrible and stupid squid hillbillies continues to be as sick as it is funny. Racism, drugs, violence, elder abuse, and animal cruelty are just toppings on a pizza so sick it would make the Teenage Mutant Turtles reconsider eating it. The show is so dumb that it's funny, changing topics every episode, but keeping the same cruelty to the local Sheriff and the family of squids composed of Early the Dad, Rusty his son, Granny, don't be stupid and sometimes Lil, Rusty's Aunt.

The stories are mostly about Early and Rusty, family disputes and ways to make money or  insane situations that come out of nowhere and all have a Southern charm to them. If the show isn't tearing into Walmart with the episode "Ballmart" it's just being unforeseeable in violence and blood.

My favorite episode might be the "Return of Gaga Pee Pap" in which the grandpa of the squid clan wants a hang glider to be placed near his grave for the coming zombie Apocalypse, just that one joke got me. The other episode is "Keeping It In The Family", which is less about incest and more about Early trying to steal Rusty's teenage girlfriend. "Why do the sequel, when you can do the prequel. The prequel is un-equal." , just great writing. Early also just kills animals and writes notes on them.

Extras include sort of bonus episodes and going over music and art for the show. You get a whole season ,but I would have waited to put two seasons out on a collection or possilby one disc. These episodes will fly by, this is a 11-minute cartoon.

Nice DVD cover, though.

Childrens Hospital: The Complete Third Season

The third season of Childrens Hospital has come to DVD to heal the wounds of fans who don't have it on their DVR's. I never got the series, I'm surpised it's up to season 3. I don't like the live action of Adult Swim, but you might. Think of the show as today's Airplane, with joke after joke hitting you, except it's in a hospital. They have a bunch of comedians from all over the place and they're trying, but to me it's not a very strong set up.

I don't know, maybe I just hate Rob Corddry, but your getting 14 episodes and a lot of extras. If your into the show it's worth the buy to get all the episodes in one place with plenty of extra goodies to watch. Once again, DVD cover still nicer than all the other crap chunred out.

Cartoon Network and Adult Swim are the best with DVD cover art, but might need sme help with fun interactive menus.