Saturday, August 11, 2012

Anime Jungle Expands

 Anime Jungle
325 East 1st Street  Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 621-1660

Anime Jungle has expanded! The original shop has taken over an entire corner of the mall. Anime Jungle took over the former site of a video game store that hasn't been around for years. The expansion is paradise for anime lovers as the stores new size allows for ample room to explore. The main store has changed it's logo and employee said their website will change shortly too.

I'm not sure if they're finished redesigning the place, it no longer has carpet and you can see their shipping area in the back. Overall, I'd say the collection of goodies hasn't gotten bigger, just less compact.

 Anime Jungle is also behind some shows this Sunday August 12th at the JACCC Plaza Festival, for Nisei Week. Times seems to be tentative, check the schedule when you get there, it will be between 10am-5pm.

 Anime Jungle's expansion doesn't stop with it's main store, they've taken over another residence in the same mall. This store is devoted to sticker machines and cosplay rental. You can can rent cosplay outfits then go into a sticker photo machine. There's also a UFO catcher, frankly I wish it was an arcade, seems like a great location for it. This means Anime Jungle now owns three different shops in the same area and turning a profit. I wonder if the third store that carries  t-shirts and manga will shut down and be absorbed back into the original.