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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ultimate Christian Wrestling Preview

Ultimate Christian Wrestling - trailer from Jae-Ho Chang on Vimeo.

Ultimate Christian Wrestling isn't a film that inspires hope, but reminds you of the story of Job, where your faith is questioned. There's plenty of sorrow and some very cruel positions the wrestlers of the league are in and I don't mean in fights. Yet, it has moments of pure comedic effect with Jesus entering the ring and leaving a wrestler to battle with faith. I mean someone literally looking like Jesus with a head microphone comes into the ring and talks to a wrestler. It's not that far from the WWE stories that happen today. Hell, er I mean Heaven, I'd like to see the Ultimate Christian Wrestling fight the WWE at some point.

The film has the makings of any documentary you'd see in theaters, but as you get deeper it only seems to get worse for the wrestlers who you learn to live with. Every step another stab. In turn your mind has to get around these matches with screaming kids and the levels of violence meant to convey the teachings of Christ.

I could see the film just being shot to be silly and leaving out all the sorrow, but it woudn't convey what was really there: pain! In mind, body and soul. Which sucks, because all the wrestlers seems like really nice guys who'd be great to bring to a bbq.

The West Coast premiere is part of the Korean American Film Festival Los Angeles.

Saturday August 11 7:30pm
Tickets can only be bought at the showings.