Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nisei Week Negatives

Don't Spend $10 on parking!

Rolling into my usual parking spot in Little Tokyo, Joe's 242, on Los Angeles St and 2nd St, I noticed they didn't have the signs up for how much it would cost. I usually pay 4 or 6, but today the decided to raise it to $10, what assholes. So don't use them, I spotted at least three other parking areas that were cheaper and closer to Little Tokyo, some only $4.  So don't give them your money Sunday or the following week, it's just a faceless lot that steals your money. Reminder, charge will be going up Sunday, because of the Grand Parade.

What was also sad other the Gyu Kaku getting rid of endless meat of any type on their menus was Marukai Market in Weller Court getting rid of their cheap sodas, only 69 cents for a can. The section is just replaced with other high priced drinks. I don't know why they decided to screw over customers. It was so refreshing to go in to grab a cheap can of pop. This might be a temporary chang, but I'm unsure.