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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Power Morphicon 2012 : Mega Force and the Blue Ranger

Power Morphicon filled the halls of the Pasadena Convention Center covering it in a rainbow of both power and ranger.

The event saw the new kids who will be doing Power Rangers Mega Force on Nickelodeon or one of it's channels. With it came the announcement that they'll be using the footage from the 35th Anniversary movie, which contains every known Power Ranger fighting! I have no idea how it will be re-dubbed as some of the power rangers are Japan only.

One of the more strange events was the special panel for David Yost, the original Blue Power Ranger. It was just him talking about his life which included coming out as gay, having a mental breakdown, and accepting himself while chilling out near the beach in Mexico. Questions from fans were mostly praise for his portrayal of Billy on the show. He also gave out prizes for the best questions. He's also with a group that's around for youth suicide prevention.

There was plenty more panels of different rangers to get lost in and plenty of past rangers to sign your helmets and toys. If you enjoyed the show in your youth or just started it was the best place to be for it.

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