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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Adventure Time Weekly: Name The Show

Just too much news about Adventure Time and with two art shows happening in the next 11 days I can't help but revive the old weekly section.

First up the Adventure Time Tribute art show at Nucleus have a naming contest for the show that ends at 4pm today!

Here's the rules""NAME THE SHOW" CONTEST RULES: You may offer more than one idea, but please offer only your best. If the chosen idea has been repeated by more than one contestant, the prizes will be awarded to the first contestant to suggest it. We will choose the best idea on Aug 7th at 4pm (PST). Nucleus has the right to decide not to use any of the suggested ideas, if we deem them not very good. However, we expect to be fully blown away by your brilliance :) Shipping charges may apply.  "

The name might be from the long list of 75 comments so far on the Nucleus Facebook page.  So some of the possible names for the show are:

Enter the Artosphere
The Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant (and Friends) Show

I've intermixed some of the found pieces online.

My worst fear is that the Hansel and Gretel by Junko Mizuno Art Show happening the same time and place will be taking up the bottom floor and AT will be banished upstairs again, causing massive traffic jams. Last time a tribute for Edward Scissorhands took downstairs.

*Reminder, you still have time to come up with cosplay for the show.

*Food in the immediate area sucks, there's a great burger place a few miles away, but man the food there stinks.

Some of the artist names are up, here's the list


Red works on Adventure Time
Orange works on comic of Adventure Time
Fuchsia like their work

Graham Annable
plus more to be announced...

Here's the current contest from Mighty Fine for some brand new t-shirts!

Amazingly enough Pen Ward, his Mom and Natasha Allegri's cat Pancake will be judging. Also my theory of Pen Ward having only one picture online used for articles about him is in effect with the same picture of him in the about out judges section. I'll try to grab some sexy shots of him at the art show.

Submissions must be received by 11:59:59 PM (PST) on August 28th, 2012.