Monday, February 10, 2020

Brazil Smoke and Soda Shop: Because Those Things Go Together?

We have a long history of soda love here at TTDILA.We look over the city for the best and furthest reach of carbonated taste. Something has been off our radar, right here in the valley.

Brazil Smoke and Soda Shop
6803 Sepulveda Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 91405
10am-11pm daily
Yes, for some odd reason this vape store also happens to sell hard to find sodas from the East Coast and around the world. We're saying flavors of brands we don't get here. And not LA, we mean this side of the country and world. And not just stuff you could find in Japanese markets spread out around the LA area. Not the stuff you can find in our beloved Galco's either. Real hard-to find drinks.

We eyed the ever rare Sunkist Peach, which isn't sold on this side of the Mississippi and Pear Sprite from?...hmmm, not sure. With other brands from Japan and other parts of the country, unheard of.

And these exotic pops don't come cheap. They"ll be costing you $5 for a bottle to $30 for the ultra rare stuff.

So, take a good look at their selection and sadly have to deal with going into a tobacco store. If a minor, forget it. But, if old enough, we suggest grabbing a few sodas with friends and having a soda tasting.

Or if you want to be a cool Mom or Dad you can grab some fun drinks for the kids.

We love the idea of a soda shop, see Rocket Fizz. Not happy about the smokes part, but you don't have to buy any when you buy a drink.