Thursday, February 6, 2020

Slashback Video: The Beginning - Opening Reception! Feb 22

 It's back from the dead...a video store. Except it's just the concept of one. You can't actually rent, you can however feel what it was like to go through one. One that is heavily into the horror genre. 

This year there's suppose to be a story about the mascot embedded in the stores details. A little mystery game perhaps or maybe it's all spelled out for ya. Anyway, always fun to go down memory lane and maybe see some classic  B-Horror movie covers.
Slashback Video returns for a 3rd immersive exhibit transporting visitors back to the '80s when horror movies saw no limits, masked maniacs rampaged on the screen, interdimensional beings reached out with tentacled appendages, Fangoria ruled the magazine rack, and - of course - when mom and pop video stores and the VHS biz thrived. Slashback Video: The Beginning is a love letter to all of these things so join us for our OPENING RECEPTION which kicks off the exhibit's run on February 22nd.

Slashback Video: The Beginning - Opening Reception! 
Sat, Feb 22, 8pm
The exhibit will run through June. 
Bearded Lady's Mystic Museum
3204 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA.

Tickets are $12 for admission.