Monday, February 24, 2020

Superman: Red Son Coming Feb 25: AT&T Please Kill Off WB Animation Making These

Superman: Red Son is a fun and fascinating take on the story of Superman if he landed in the Soviet Union as a baby. In comic book circles it's called an Elseworlds tale and it shows a more grim world for the man of steel and other DC super heroes. And in the hands of Sam Liu it's gonna be forgettable trash. Like most DC animated movies.

Superman: Red Son is coming out Feb 25 for digital. And we don't look forward to it, because of the previous DC Animated films,.

DC Animated Movies use plots from some cherished comic book stories and then cram with the same usual junk to be edgy.

This junk includes:
-Off-screen rape
-Glass breaking
-Sexy time for no reason

You see,  since animators aren't allowed to do these things in a regular cartoon on television they over compensate. You can have those things we mentioned if it adds or is part of the story your telling, but these are added out of blue balls for the animators not being able to essentially draw fan fiction on their favorite characters.

AT&T, please save the company some money and kill of these awful films that make people hate DC's brand.