Wednesday, February 5, 2020

iam8bit is making this year's E3

Something that were very excited about is the news that the ESA is teaming up with iam8bit this year for E3. Now, we've written about iam8bit with praise for multiple events, pop-ups and their own art shows. If new to the site, basically iam8bit started out making video game art shows to creating pop-ups, experiences and special events for major brands and now does a lot of producing special video game merch and a number of other endeavors. And now they are in a position where they can transform E3 into another one of their creations.

That's crazy.

We may have posted on it before, but let us tell you, they're not new to conventions. They had a game show set at GDC one year that many wanted to become a real TV show and one year did 80's style laser background photo booth. There eye-catching Monster Hunter booth, you may have been in at one of the conventions around LA, looked liked it came out of the game. They know how to make an event exciting and something memorable.

We hope to learn more as E3 slowly comes about. But even with a lack of Sony at this year's E3, we believe it's their loss with whatever iam8bit can dream up.


via ESA