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Friday, February 28, 2020

Horror Hype: Cursed Films April, Scare Package Summer & Butt Boy 4 Ever

Cursed Films comes out in April on Shudder. The series features some of the most talked about supposedly cursed films in the biz including John Landis' fatal The Twilight Zone movie where two child actors were killed by a helicopter accident and set a president for the industry where the AD would be blamed for an on site deaths. Then paperwork and lawyers stopped anyone from anyone being sued or really losing the blame.

You also have the following as part of the docu-series: The ExorcistThe Omen, The Crow and Poltergeist.
We've been waiting on Scare Package for months now. This new anthology horror film has six directors trying to scare the bejeezus out of us! They looked bloody and silly! Suppose to be out this Summer.

BUTT BOY [Official Teaser 2019] from Tiny Cinema on Vimeo.

And we come to the end. The end being about a serial killer who eats children via his butt. We give you Butt Boy. Now exact date for release, but as it builds, we tells you when it finally comes out. Ahahahaha.
Update: Butt Bou in theaters April 3 on streamin April 14
All via Bloody Disgusting