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Friday, February 21, 2020

Movie Hype: Alamo Season Pass, AMC 16 Becomes A 12 & First Vertical Film

-Moviepass might be dead, but that's not stopping Alamo Drafthouse. People in LA and other cities with Drafthouse theaters can pay a monthly subscription to see a movie a day. It's called the Alamo Season Pass and LA's will cost you $29.99 a month. But check out the link above that goes over all sub-charges for 3D and what not. Still, might be a good deal if you see two movies a month there.

-The undying AMC Promenade 16 in Woodland Hills will say open until 2021. Then it moves over to the Westfield Topanga. In 2021, a new section called " The District will open there and it'll be where the former Sears was. Oh, and it'll only be a 12 screen theater at that point. So, will it ever really be dead or just born again? So, don't worry you can keep visiting the movie theater in a dead mall until it opens just a few blocks away.

via What Now

V2. Escape From Hell, a WWII escape film is coming out next year...because someone wants attention. It comes out in vertical format and will be shot on that way on purpose. It wishes for release in theaters and not directly on the phone. It sounds like a stunt to get attention. We're sure they'll be a ton of puff pieces on it when it comes out, but sounds like a pretty awful idea. Sadly, with money behind it.

via /Film