Saturday, February 8, 2020

Come To Daddy Screenings

We highly recommend seeing Come To Daddy, starring Elijah Wood in a dark comedy, horror, thriller. Downtown Drafthouse is having some select screenings, but you can always catch it streaming online through any fine streaming retailer. It's our first favorite of the new year.

Fantastic Fest Presents: COME TO DADDY

Acclaimed producer Ant Timpson (TURBO KID, DEATHGASM) concocts a perfect grinder of dark humor, unexpected twists, and total mayhem in his pulpy, genre-bending directorial debut.

Elijah Wood plays Norval, a mustachioed, down-on-his-luck hipster reunited with his estranged father. And that’s when things get weird. Pairing sharp wit with gonzo violence, COME TO DADDY tackles provocative themes with bloody delight.

The film is preceded by the Michael Arcos's experimental documentary short about one very bad jaguar VALERIO'S DAY OUT.