Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Bummer Week: Fry's Woodland Hills Kaput & Curry House Brown Wedding

If you're still reeling from Kobe's Memorial Service that was held Monday...uh, things...aren't getting that better.

- Woodland Hills' long time place to get electronics and computer parts with the theme of Alice in Wonderland is really closed. No longer part of the slow painful death it was having like all the other stores, Fry's Woodland Hills is dead. The property is gonna be turned into apartments/hotels/office space with little anything of significance near it, but the Topanga Canyon Mall. Woodland Hills has lost a bit more of it's charm. This sucks.

The other Fry's probably won't be around much longer as their property is worth too much. Fry's Anaheim closes on March 2nd. No word on Burbank's 1950's sci-fi movie store. But all of them had one slow death. Would don't recommend going in them, it's too sad to see them so empty.


-Now for some more bad news. Curry House is closed. And, no we don't just mean the one in Little Tokyo all of them in the US. It what people are calling the #Brown Wedding (curry color + Game of Thrones Red Wedding) or #curry house massacre, all locations have closed with no warning. Even the staff wasn't aware.

LA Times did some digging and found the current owners have a pretty bad legal battle pending due to problems with their expense accounts as to a possible  reason why all stores might have shuttered.

via LA Times