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Monday, July 1, 2019

Violence Voyager: A Fun F*cked Up Choice

It's that time. Even with Anime Expo in town, this has to be our most f*cked up choice of crazy to see. And that's saying something with all the weird anime in town. Violence Voyager is a bizarre, utterly bizarre "animated"...well, maybe puppeting with paper film about a little boy entering a theme park where he can shoot guns to stop invading aliens. Except, it looks like that's what only on the surface as something freaky and gross is going on behind the scenes.

Like  something way, way worse. And you get to watch.

NSFW Trailer

We've been looking forward to this one since it came out at Fantasia Fest in 2018.  We never thought it would get a dub, with some voices we think remember from other anime. Or that it would even be playing in a theater.

But it is.

Take a friend who loves the utterly strange with Japanese style ideals and get to the Music Hall on Jul 5th. No idea how long the run is, but we're gonna guess just a few days and then you'll have to wait to get in streaming.