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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Fantastic Fest 2019’s First Wave Of Programming

Fantastic Fest is like the forerunner for all the strange and fun movies we get here in LA. It takes place in Texas, but we get special screenings of the films at it later, It's first wave of programming has just been released online and it's crazy what will be premiering there and eventually coming out here. Usually we get a taste right away with Beyond Fest.

Check out the First Wave of films here.

The premiere of JoJo Rabbit about an idiotic imaginary Hitler and a little boy who has to start figuring out Nazis suck from Taika Waititi is just the beginning to the crazy list of films coming out.

Another one we've been waiting on is the R-Rated cut of Tammy and the T-Rex where Denise Richards as Tammy has her boyfriend lose his mind and has it implanted in a robot T-Rex. Oh, and her boyfriend pre-robot dino is played by Paul Walker. Now, people wondered over the years why seemingly parts were missing from the film and know we now it was a much more bloody affair. This new version plays at Fantastic Fest than comes out from Vinegar Syndrome in November.

The doc Wrinkles the Clown sounds crazy weird about a creepy clown you hire to punish naughty children. Of course, he's Florida based.

And we get Memory: The Origins of Alien, a brand new doc on the xenomorph starting film that started a generation of sci-fi horror.