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Monday, July 8, 2019

18+ @ AX 2019

It was another beautiful time for hentai this year at AX.  Pass the locked cloths were the Fakku booth and the 18+ section. Both were busy, both were selling out of dirty pictures. And there were some more clean that usual 18+ panels, HIDIVE's Lewd Dubbing was a one. All in all, it wasn't hard to get hard at AX. Or at the very least get the most awkward of gifts to people you work with and won't be...if you gave them anything from here.

Did you want  o buy some panties? You easily could. Not to wear...You could also get Moe Booster, an anime style Red Bull, we forget to buy to try. You got some free tissues too. Yes, we're writing about the J-list booth that had some nice dirty items to get, including some easy on the eyes and wrists mouse pads.

Behind the curtains Fakku was selling out of porn. A special (hentai artist ) Mai King manga pack sold out by Friday and some dirty shirts weren't going to make it to Saturday. Fakku was also selling a new blazer that's just not appropriate to wear most anywhere.

The black curtained off 18+ section had porn actress April O'Neil signing on Saturday, she makes fun of a lot of cartoons and shows with a lot of parody porn like good ol' Sailor Poon. And then there's not much more we can show you on the site of the area.

18+ did have a bigger section this year, but didn't know how to use it. Nutaku wasn't present and there wasn't any hilarious VR hentai to make fun of. Porn VR is usually solid gold to make fun of at AX, but it looks like it wasn't as big this year.

HIDIVE, a streaming service you might not know, did some LEWD dubbing at night. The version of hentai dubbing were accustomed to from previous AXes were from someone else and a lot more risque, the audience didn't mind though. They had fun hearing other people talk dirty.

Clips were played from HIDIVE's NSFW section and then the sound was cut off so audience members could redub the lines anyway the wanted. There's was many a boob and no audio we could share.

Porn was still very present at AX, just behind closed curtains.