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Monday, July 8, 2019

Funimation Bowling & Crunchyroll HQ @ AX 2019

 Funimation had free bowling and Crunchyroll had a mini-con at LA Live, next door to the convention. Like many years, the convention spread out over downtown. LA Live had concerts and a pop-up cafe based on a Japanese bear who has a show on Netflix. It also had Destination Funimation, a free bowling party and Crunchrolly HQ, which was like a mini-convention.

Funimation took over the local bowling alley, Lucky Strike, for two days during AX. Badge holders, forget about it, the party was open to everyone. You could bowl to your hearts content as all the lanes were open and free to use and maybe you could win some prizes on the prize wheel.

Fun also provided ice cold water, which does come at a premium at the convention center, it's $4 bucks a bottle inside and free snacks. It was a nice gesture to their fans, though lasts years fun and games from them sounded cooler.

Crunchyroll was up two flights of stairs from Fun and had a free mini con. There you could go on a stamp rally taking special photos, demoing games and trying some specially blended tea for some reason. Free t-shirts were given out and jumping into a weird pit of Banayans (Banana +Nya, the Japanese word for meow), was the prize for the stamp really. Maybe, make the prize t-shirts.

* I don't know why they think AXers are into tea, we're not, just give us cold water instead. Or better tasting drinks.

Thanks Fun and Crunch!