Monday, July 22, 2019

Hype: Welcome Back Disney Afternoon & Say Hi Sonic on OK KO

Duck Tales is the show that just keeps giving. It's like how the last TMNT show payed homage on an insane level to the original 80's cartoon. Now Duck Tales new season is bring back almost every anthropomorphic animal from Disney Afternoon.

We're getting all the Rescue Rangers, Goofy from his Goof Troop incarnation, the grown-up versions of the kids from Tail Spin and Gosalyn from Darkwing Duck. Oh, and supervillain team-ups. That  cave boy duck and more. It looks like it's chocked full o' fun.

And Sonic and Tails are really going to meet OK KO, which is weird because Cartoon Network treated Sonic Boom like garbage, put it in a terrible time slot, but I guess CN holds all the cards. Oh, and there's already a ton of fan art. The episode will be dashing out Aug 4.