Monday, July 8, 2019

AX Dad or Con Dad, Just Call Me, I Worry About You: Anime Expo 2019 Field Trip Part 1

Con Dad (R) with Stern Dad (L)
Hey there kids! AX Dad/Con Dad here. I'm here to give a report on the Anime Expo field trip. I took a lot of photos when I got my phone to work and stop taking video and calling cousin Geefy. My son's gonna put this up here on this site web, LA Things To Do. Let's go over what I did in the trip and the weird photos I took of your Asian cartoons convention.

Now these girls here wouldn't listen and I had to yell at them. Something about a man in tuxedo trying to date the little blonde one with twin tails didn't sit right with me. I mean she's just 14. That's college age male is a creep. If you see a man in a tuxedo in a mask, alert the authorities. The weirdo threw a flower at me, what a freak.

Oh boy the wait to get in. I had to cheer up so many of the kids, what with this line?

 Here I met another Dad from Italy I think, what a great stache and hat. He said something about Joe's coffee. Something funny like Joe's Joe's coffee, like they gave the coffee shop owner two signs.

Wouldn't mine riding one of these dragons to work.

 This Mom here loves her kid, sez he's special, goes to some  U.A. High Schoo, might look into for my kids.
 Me and young lad about to have adventure. THink he went by and old Jewish Grandma name, Gelda or Zelda, maybe.
Stern Dad and me in the Alley of arts and crafts

A cute family out for the convention

 The kids needed a break so I let them take a break, handed out juice boxes.

Me trying to get my phone to work, create some sort of A.T. &T Field, hopeI'm not charge more minutes.

 Got some crazy photo doo-hickey to show  off my fanny packs true power.

 Us checking out if the scene was safe for kids.
Felt like this little fella was trying to roll me up

We'll talk about it when your older

 We'll talk about it when your older
These kids need their breaks, more juce boxes

 I met some of those kids from U.A. High School had to get their attention.
 Look at my little man, he forgot to get out of bed on time for the field trip.
Could use these fellas on my bowling team
there's more photos coming in part 2.