Tuesday, July 9, 2019

AX The Bad

As per usual AX had at least one major problem, which continues to make little sense with its tenure of running a convention at the same location year after year.

For whatever reason, the 1st day had major problems with getting people inside. And as everyone was mailed a badge before the June deadline this year, makes little to no sense.

From what we heard from the average con-goers is that security at the convention center had one working metal detector at one location and a ton more at another entrance causing wait times up to five hours at the single metal detector entrance.

The next few days weren't as bad, but still, with badge in hand it took a long time to enter the convention center on Friday and Saturday. Long lines and waits at metal detectors just eat away at people.

Security working those machines and the constant reminders to tap in or out need to be replaced with people who have not failed so much at life and or not so sad and depressing to look at. Or give them funny anime outfits or hats.
more like taste of garbage

As always all food in and around AX was overpriced and garbage. $4 for a bottle of water!!! $9.50 for a "Power Salad, what the Hell is a power salad? Everything in there is a rip-off, the food trucks are a rip-off. As per usual, we reminded everyone to walk to The Pantry nearby or the 7-Eleven on Figueroa instead of getting sick from horse manure gristle that they serve there and wasting cash on it.

Finally, the loneliness. Don't ever give up meeting people at AX. Maybe, this man was just out of it or had some weed. But it also looked hilarious. 

As always, try and improve AX or fire the security firm that you use for the convention center. If it's a package with the convention center you need to talk to them about how bad they are, maybe sue. Or, if it was your on problems with mismanagement you need to be resolve them well before the convention.