Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Anime Hype: Carole & Tuesday Out August, Cuphead Coming To Netflix Too

Carole & Tuesday are coming out on Netflix this August 30th. You might recall we're already fans of the Shinichirō Watanabe, creator of Cowboy Bebop fame, anime. It's about two young girls perusing a career in music through hardships on Mars in the future. We want the music from it already. We'll only get the first 12 episodes in August, more episodes are still airing weekly in Japan. No word if it'll be dubbed, but all the music is already in English.

*Just a side note on where the news of this broke. Most sites say it came from the Netflix panel at Anime Expo, but I just got the press release from that a few days ago and Carole and Tuesday aren't mentioned at all.

The only source seems to be this Twitter account

So it looks like everyone is just quoting the same source that it was annouced at AX, which I think is wring. But if you follow Polygon, back to Comic Book you get that same Twitter account from above as the source. And that source never clarifies the news comes from the Netflix panel at AX.

I thought I spotted something else on the official Carole & Tuesday account, but all I can find is this as proof.

I just want to prove that everyone got it wrong. And that it wasn't mentioned at AX at all.

And Cuphead is getting a cartoon too. The Cuphead Show was annouced for Netflix. Over on Twitter I see a lot of good people are gonna be working on it, including one of the people who does those Mickey Mouse shorts, very on par with the 1930's animation art style of the game. 

The art for its announcement is sure underwhelming, that's just some generic looking boring crap. What a terrible way to announce.

I guess the same for Carole & Tuesday, both shows could have had one of their artists draw a new picture for it, the lazy bastards. Jeez, the both really do suck at that don't they.