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Sunday, June 10, 2018

In For E3: Local Game Stores To Check Out

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If you're rolling into town for E3 and want to check out some old school games or want to try and pick up a classic system then we have you covered. Here's all the places to check out around LA for old systems and games. We just updated our Local Video Game Store List. We've also updated our Local Arcade List, there's even some professional VR places in it.

And, if you just have the need for violence from waiting in line all day, we do have two rage rooms where you can literally smash stuff for fun. Rage Ground, a few minutes from the convention center and Breakroom LA in the valley. We're fans of both. You're also not that from from Lazrfit, a laser tag work out gym, when your near the convention center. Please, be a little in shape to try it out, it's a real work out with lasers!

For those just wanting to get some old games let's go through some top places.

Game Dude
12104 Sherman Way
North Hollywood, CA 91605
Hours: 11am to 7pm PST 7 Days a Week
Phone: (818) 764-2442 

It's like something out of a movie, a video game emporium of old and new titles that is managed like and old video store. This place has shelves and shelves of classic games and hardware. We'll at least spend 20 minutes inside looking over old games we've never heard of and see what's come in from the pipe line of everybody bringing their old stuff in.

Oh, forget the store promoting itself on social media, they're too old for that crap. They just don't care.

Here's some great recommendations from old Facebook posts on the place:

"Been a customer of Game Dude since it was a one room shop with the games behind glass you saw what you liked and got Steve to get it for you, you guys have grown and I am still finding the best deals there since 1986"-Jason Yunk
"Went into Game Dude today, after a long time reading your prices  in the back of old 90's magazines. At a friend's bbq who lives across from you guys, I went in. I came out with 4 classic games and only wasted 23 bucks. Great prices, friendly help and an overall great experience. I hope I can take pictures and video next time I am in, many people from my Youtube would die to see this." -Lorenzo Contreras

World 8
1057 S Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90006
Phone: (213) 389-5212

We love World 8. You will too just from the sign with eyes on it like it's from a Mario game. With classic cartridges and random swag galore it fits into the role of the local video game store you just want to chill at and see what old goodies are in.

We also just love the look of the place as their is posters and other gamer swag littered throughout it.

Game Realms
137 N .Victory Blvd
Burbank , CA 91502.
Phone: (818) 841-1545

Say hello to the much nicer and newer version of Game Dude. It's like a premiere video game store. Like a higher class place to purchase games. There's even a section to buy Fangamer merch. It's hard to pass up when you're in the area.

Retro Game Camp
318 E 2nd St
1ST Floor Ste 120
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: (213) 265-7889 
We don't know how it stays open or whose buying only Japanese imports, but some how, some way, this place has been open for a few months just selling old games and consoles from Japan. For those who have ever wanted to play Japanese games without an emulator and for whatever reason in Japanese you can head in here and look wall to wall at much better than American box art. 

For those who aren't local, it's totally tucked away in a little mall in Little Tokyo, which every day becomes more and more Anime Jungle shops.

The store is a sister store to one based in Japan so they have plenty of games coming in from back home.

Hope that helps your search you streamers, mention the site on your streams if you head into one.