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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

LA Times College Essay On E3 & Political Climate

Oooh boy, just a strange take from Todd Martens, LA Times on reporting on games from E3. In what could have just been an article on some games that fascinated Todd he tried to tie-in today's "political news" about racism, war and emotional problems. It doesn't work and comes off as a short essay he had to write for his freshman writing class in college. Skim through In a divisive political climate, E3 shows that maybe video games had it right all along at your own will as Todd tries to get older readers to connect to E3.

He goes over the new game Sea of Solitude to do a few words about depression and then talks about Wolfenstein: Youngblood to go on a little bit about racism. Then a few more lines about inclusiveness in war games. I'm so sorry until now you couldn't be a female soldier during WWII...

Todd could have just gone over the games, but trying to tie them down to major issues in our world right now was a little sad. He brings up Robert De Niro at the Tony Awards- I don't think gamers would even know what the Tony awards are, they're awards for Broadway theater, y'know musicals-and it doesn't really connect to anything.
"At roughly the same time Sunday evening that actor Robert De Niro was denouncing President Trump with an expletive at the Tony Awards, a gaming executive was on stage using the same curse word about Nazis."-Todd Martens
I know it's bloated to the brim with streamers online giving their opinions on new games, but I feel the LA Times could have just written out a better title and just some kind words for games they saw at the show. Please, don't try and just connect two things together for no point other than some passing interest by an older reader whose not into games, LA Times. Just say "E3 Coverage From LA Times."