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Friday, June 8, 2018

Gamers Gotta Eat & Drink: Where To Eat & Drink For E3

by Jonathan Bilski

You're in town for E3, you want to mingle, make the game happen, trade those Pokemon and don't want to lose the E3 feeling. Luckily for you, we here at TTDILA have made a list of the top places to chow down and relive your thirst and still get some gaming buzz.

Tue-Thurs: 6pm - 2am
Fri:             5pm - 2am
Sat-Sun:    2pm - 2am
Mon: Closed
707 East 4th Place
Los Angeles, CA
(213) 626-8200
Classic arcade meets modern bar or they fused together in some sort of accident involving time travel and alcoholic. The place is an old school arcade, except with places to put your drinks down while you fight Chun-Li. There's plenty of room to enjoy tons of old arcade cabinets and a whole other section is pinball. 

What? I can't hear you over ALL THE PINBALL MACHINES!  Pinball machines are segregated and it's for the best, because they did not lessen their volume for this place. And we hear pinball is coming back, it's popular for some reason, some podcast that gives facts about random stuff going on in the world told us so.

They also have some game cocktails like: Princess Peach (vodka, lemon, agave, peach puree) and Zangief (vodka, fresh ginger, lime, ginger beer).

They people that own the place our gamers at heart, they're childhood friends who came together through video games. One became a lawyer, the other a computer special effects guy. Now they own a grown up arcade together.

Food wise you"ll have to wait on food trucks or the trendy restaurants around the arts district.

Button Mash
Tue-Thurs 5pm - 12am
Fri             5pm - 2am
Sat            4pm - 2am
Sun           4pm - 12am
Mon Closed
1391 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 250-9903
21+ at 9pm

Just use Lyft or Uber to get here, there is no parking, the parking is a lie. It's no lie though about it being like an adult arcade. Sit down within the arcade section or the nicer dining area, try some of their eats which is heavy on snack food with some love for Asian cuisine. We're talking rice and noodle items on the menu. Yes, they have vegan options too. Then, get up and play some arcade games. Or, do it while you wait for your food.

They have classic arcade machines to play on with some pinball too. You will need tokens for this place. One token will buy you a life like it did in the past. They do have change machines.

When we think about it, it's like an adult more cool Chuck E. Cheese. Their prize center is really a store selling video game related items and art called PWN Shop from the people behind iam8bit.

This place has so much of a nostalgia feel to it your check comes in a young adult book.

Sun-Thurs 11:30am - 12am
Fri-Sat       11:30am - 2am
3516 W Victory Blvd
Burbank, CA 91505 

(818) 561-4552 

The first eSports bar of Burbank has only been around for about a year. In that time many fans of online games have flocked to see whose better in a race or blasting each other and you can do the same inside ... with cards and board games. Not only can you get a special game-named cocktail like the Dream Daddy (Yes, that weird Dad dating sim), you can play over a 150 tabletop games with any purchase. And they have custom tables to fit those board games on.

So it's a bar, it's a game house and it only shows eSports on it's multiple screens. They have a menu too, so you can nosh on some good eats; both for those who can eat meat and those who would do without it. And even beyond the cocktails is a wide array of hipster ales and what have you.

The classic look of the place and getting what will probably be the latest gaming news on screen makes for a great combination for time away from the convention hall.

The One Up
Mon-Fri  4pm - 2am
Sat        12 pm - 2am
Sun       12 pm - 2am
13625 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 

(818) 849-5181 
21+ after 7pm

Cap'n Crunch Wings or the awesome bar decor looking like someone's first pad in their parents basement might be the main reason people head to The One Up. It might also be that you can play arcade machines in the back.

The One Up has been around since 2014 and has made gamers step outside for a little bit to get a bite from it's extended menu of tasty junk food like Poke Won-tacos or the already discussed Cap'n Crunch infused food, that's gives a deliciously sweet and crunchy taste. Adding to reasons to go is the decor looks so cool, especially the bar that we're amazed it hasn't appeared on any TV shows or be in any movies we can think of.

A starry-skied arcade is in the back with pink neon lit up with the words written, "I'll stop the world and melt with you, " draws you to play some games. The arcade cabinets in back are free to play.  Each machine has a number of titles to try, they're multi-game units, pick one and play.

Blipsy Bar
Mon-Wed     4pm - 2am
Thurs-Sun   12pm - 2am
369 N Western Ave 
Los Angeles, CA 90004
 (323) 461-7067 

The littlest darn barcade in the old west or really Koreatown. This place has some really old arcade machines that still work and one Hell of a weird look. If you want it old-school, it's nice and dark inside in this cash only bar. Play some titles that might be hard-to-find and drink up. They can have music acts from time to time, but we would say check out their social media pages to find out.

It's very easy to miss from the street, it doesn't even have a sign, it does have some Pac-Man dots painted on it, but those are pretty hard to see at night. 

Milk Tavern
Mon-Wed    2pm - 11:30pm
Thurs-Sat    2pm - 1:30am
Sun            12pm - 11:30pm
528 S. Western Ave.
Los Angeles, CA
(213) 568-3770

This fine folks is a cereal bar and though it's only gaming connection is the two retro game consoles hooked up, it's still on the list for being so much fun. The place looks like you"ll wanna hang out and you can as they also have a selection of tabletop games to go through and ping pong. It's a playground for adults and kids. The main reason to go though is their wide selection of tasty treats...including the cotton candy burrito. Yes, you heard right, that is a sugary cold thing you can scarf down there. So, if you don't want ice cream, which can be liquor infused, you can get a spoonful of your favorite cereal. And it's a really great selection of sugary morning goodness you can get at night.

*You didn't hear from us, but there's a secret room upstairs you can book for karaoke; one hour is not enough.