Wednesday, June 20, 2018

LA Links: MagicalAF Pizza & Super Expensive Jurasic Park Ride

-There's some rainbow glitter pizza you can get here in LA and you don't even have to go to the 626 Night Market. Nerdist (now with less association to Chris Hardwick) points us to DagWoods in Santa Monica, a pizza place that has the MagicalAF Pizza. It looks like it should only be served at little girl birthdays and will probably be stolen by Chuck E. Cheese at some point. For now you can get the sparkly pie only at DagWoods. It"ll cost you $27.56 for a large, that does include sales tax.

 - The Jurassic Park Ride is going extinct or at least I've been told to tell you via pr. Really, it's gonna shut down in September and re-open later updated to be connected with the new movies and we don't mean Jurassic Park 3, not directed by Steven Spielberg. AV Club found a link to a story about how the ride was created, cost a huge amount of money and why it has a raft in it when that never happened in the movies.