Friday, June 15, 2018

L.A.'s Building and Safety Agency Allegedly Forced People To Down Pizza and Ice Cream Bars

Before Super Punch posting on this one. Update Super Punch posted on it later in the day at 7:40pm

The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety is in a lot of trouble from a new report from the LA Times. Some of the strangest parts to the story are how some boss forced employees to down food. LA Times calls it food hazing, which I can't remember being a thing. Here's some quotes from the article.
"City investigators soon received reports of more unusual activities, such as staffers being punished by having to eat an entire pizza in one sitting."
 And it gets more strange from there
"Investigators also concluded that Dacumos’ employees had been subjected to unusual forms of punishment, according to a personnel report prepared by the city and reviewed by The Times. At least two were forced to eat an entire pizza within a short period of time, while another was instructed to wear skirts instead of slacks, the report said.
Bush declined to say whether Dacumos, a 23-year employee of the department, was the one who meted out those orders. But he confirmed the investigators received reports of food hazing inside Dacumos’ section — including employees who were ordered to devour multiple ice cream bars within a specified period of time."

Full story here.