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Monday, June 4, 2018

MIMI The Cannibal Girl by Tomenosuke x Utomaru

We were waiting since we saw the mock-ups for the MIMI The Cannibal Girl Sofubi doll from a year and a half a go. Now, the homage to the utterly deranged horror film Cannibal Holocaust is already sold out before it's shipping date on June 8th. It was only 30 pieces and hopefully other editions will be made, but you have to like the look of this cute macabre figure if you get the reference.

Artist Utomaru, who does amazing art work for Japanese productions and co-created the girl with a stick through here with Tomenosuke, wrote this about the piece:

"I am so happy that I can finally announce the release of my very first Sofubi doll, “MIMI The Cannibal Girl”(Blood Red Edition). It’s an Utomaru and Tomenosuke store’s collaboration project. Yohei Kaneko (Mirock-toy) did the sculpture based on my drawing inspired by the movie, Cannibal Holocaust. I love 70s-80s Italian horror films very much but I have a special affection for Cannibal Holocaust. The name “MIMI” is an homage to Me Me Lay who starred in many Italian horror movies. (She was not in Cannibal Holocaust though.) I would like to express my love for her and her works.
MIMI will be released on 8th June! We will deliver it with a beautiful green box. You can see more information on Tomenosuke blog. Thanks!"