Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Bring LAist Back Three Days To Go

Hey, everyone! The LAist kickstarter we reported on still hasn't meant it's funding goal and has three days to go, 6/12. It needs about $5,000 more bucks so KPCC can resurrect the site: yknow to pay writers and maintain the site before it takes on ad revenue again.

Without LAist the only sources for LA things to do are of course TTDILA, We Like LA and your friends who get details wrong and can't schedule for sh*t. It"ll be awkward to only be able to talk to the Time Out LA and LA Times' Jen Yamato at events. Also, Jen should have probably covered E3 instead of Todd Martens.

Hell, if LAist can come back, I'll try (your TTDILA editor) and get some stories on there. Though, I think I know people at KCRW more than KPCC.

So go over the pledge goodies again and give them some of your hard earn cash so you can find out more about LA.