Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Bread Festival This Year Seemed A Little Half-Baked

A few booths were sharing their love for the carbohydrates out there with this year's Bread Festival within the walls on the food emporium of Grand Central Market. On the main floor there were tables here and there selling some top choices in bread and other baked goods, but not enough to really say it's was festival. It was a like a festival within a supermarket. A way to get you to come out and buy some more food. Or it felt that way when we visited the bread festival on Saturday, June 2nd.

Below, a floor down from a few tables where the bread festival was taking place there were seminars and panels all about bread that had folks maybe wanting to bake their own at home.

 Sadly, there was no merch table. We really wanted some Bread Festival shirts and caps. And make them plus sizes, because if you enjoy bread, you're probably not that skinny.

All in all it was a few more minutes of being in Grand Central Market before picking a place to grab lunch.