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Friday, June 1, 2018

Don't Vote Villaraigosa

Someone trying to become our next governor is our old mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa. And he's a jerk. Not only just on his pitiful performance as mayor, hardly doing anything while in office, but just as a human being. I just remember the old gem from Wikipedia:

"In a New Yorker profile published shortly before the divorce, Villaraigosa acknowledged that he and Corina had had difficulties over the course of their marriage. "In a twenty-year marriage, there are many ups and downs", Villaraigosa said. The same article in The New Yorker also reported that, in 1994, while his wife had been battling thyroid cancer, Villaraigosa had become involved with the wife of a close friend.[5] As a result, his wife filed for a divorce,[100] and they were estranged for two and a half years.[5]"

Let's not trust a man who cheats on his wife whose battling cancer with the wife of a close friend. 
*The wife mentioned was cheated on again in another affair with a Telemundo reporter. Crazy enough, some women married Villaraigosain 2016. Not the the former news reporter.