Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The IT Experience Starts Aug 14

Starting next Monday, The IT Experience will be going on in Hollywood to promote a Stephen King property that probably won't be hated by fans and critics. Oh Dark Tower, you made so many poor choices in production.

"Step inside the two story replica of 'where IT lives'. Guests will be guided by "Georgie" through the 5,000 sq. foot house and will venture room by room through immersive film inspired scenes complete with authentic set props. "Losers Club" groups of 7 will journey through a 20 minute experience ..." *The rest of what was written makes it seem like an intern did it or someone who likes to give away what happens in Haunted Houses.
*Also the main website for this is ugly

The IT Experience
August 14 – September 10
1PM – 11PM Daily
Hollywood Blvd and Vine St. Los Angeles, CA 90028

Looks like spots are going quick