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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Funimation Will Be Acquired By Sony

In some very strange news, one of the remaining giants of anime licensing and distribution in the West, Funimation will be acquired by Sony. A FAQ has gone up on Funimation's official site about what that means. However, some details are still missing such as how it affects Fun's deal with Crunchyroll and if they'll be any problems with licensing issues.

As the faq says most everything is staying the same, but Sony will own a majority share in Funimation meaning they can change or do what they want to Fun.

Is this good news?

Well, it depends really on what Sony will contribute to Funimation. Sony is so big that Fun's details as a company might be handled very poorly. There's really nothing in their track record that shows them really improving anything within Funimation. Remember, this company doesn't have a great resume when it comes to its entertainment division which we just made fun of for making the utterly garbage-rific Emoji Movie.

We also wonder how this affects Dragon Ball as we think Fox still owns certain rights to the series, like a first look deal. A deal where they can sit on any new Dragon Ball media in case they want to make their version of it and don't have to let it go for a while. Meaning a possible slow down for Dragon Ball movies coming to West.

So you can think of it like this, the people who made The Emoji Movie are buying Funimation.