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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Bad Exorcists Review: Some Dumb Friends Have To Fight A Demon

Bad Exorcists, a very funny indie horror comedy about three stupid teenage friends trying to exorcise a demon they accidentally summoned. This low-budget comedy is more about teen angst and a dumb trio then trying to fight a demon from Hell. And it works.

The scares take the back-seat to the great script given life by our comedic trio of bad exorcists: Dana, Charlie and Matt played by Julian Master, Sean Roney and Alex Knapp. These three high school friends are idiots, but they're our idiots. Coming up with the stupidest plans and saying the dumbest things to each other.

Their main goal is to film an exorcists movie to win a horror film festival. Matt's idiotic plans of using a real exorcising book leads them to summoning a real demon and infecting a cute girl from school, Lisa played by Claire Berger. Of course, one of the trio, Charlie, has a crush on Lisa.

As Lisa shows more signs of possession and the boys learn of what they've done they realize they have to save Lisa. Or really Charlie does. Matt just wants to have a movie in time for the film festival and Dana doesn't want to fight demons. They're- as the title says- bad exorcists.

Not only are they doing it for selfish reasons or at least Matt is, they plain suck at it. And the highlight of the movie isn't even the main fight with a possessed Lisa. It's the stumbling around, insults and strange thoughts of Dana. 

Dana became my favorite character. From his awkwardness, stupidity and bizarre questions. His sheer staring at girls, like a pervert and they way he just looks when he's thinking. It's all comedy gold.

Now, I've been waiting for this one since it came out at the Dances With Film Festival here in Hollywood back in 2015. It's been a long time coming, but it finally just got released online through a number of different sources below. It got funded for post-production when the people behind it asked for 20k from Kickstarter and it got it. So this has been one long in the works with a long time waiting to be finished and released.
Matt (L), Dana (R)

I'm not sure what the cast has been doing since it filmed, because I would love it if they tackled a different horror genre or another type of comedy. Bad Exorcists is a film that made me actually laugh out loud, which I haven't done to a indie comedy in a long time. It's a horror film, but on only such a level, the rest is just pure teenage romp. You'll come for the exorcism, but stay for the friendship, the stupid, stupid friendship. Dana, you're the best.

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