Thursday, August 10, 2017

Seeso Soon To Die

We loved a lot of content on Seeso- Season 2 of HarmonQuest comes out on VRV digital service on September 15- but, it was a terrible service. The comedy only digital service run by NBCUniversal showed how bad the new frontier of digital services can go.

Shows like HarmonQuest and Hidden America with Jonah Ray were two of the shows we watched and beyond that the service seemed to have very little to offer. It was another venue for comedians to have some new shows, but the the trip to get to them was awful.

The user interface and the technical side of Seeso was a mess. Constant problems made watching  shows almost impossible. While I had the service, nothing ever looked like it was coming through in HD Quality or even 480i. It was hard to search for any content. And overall it felt annoying to use

On another side, Seeso did not remind its clients about their subscriptions. The long time trick of people forgetting they were getting charged every month. Their customer service was known for being unhelpful.

Seeso will end its run by the end of 2017 and it won't be missed.