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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Snowy Bing Bongs Premiere: What Did I Just Watch?

Cocoon Central Dance Team
To a sold out show three strange women danced around in blue unitards on the stage of The Cinefamily and the crowd applauded in the delight of their performance. I did too, their bizarre movements, the whole strange prancing and the slapping of butts. What weird, but funny show am I about to see. It was the special Snowy Bing Bongs Premiere with the cast, the Cocoon Central Dance Team made up of Tallie Medel, Sunita Mani & Eleanore Pienta. It would be a weird movie, one that only lasted 40 minutes. In that time nothing made much sense and this dance and comedian tro didn't want it that way.

The premiere itself was a great example of what LA gets compared to other cities and that's special strange events. The before mentioned live dance number was a highlight of the night. Reggie Watts followed and hosted the premiere. He gave a fun and off-the-wall live performance himself before the movie itself played.

Sadly, Snowy Bing Bongs is not what I like, it's on par with Tim and Eric's strange is funny. I'll state, right off that the comedians are a delight though and there's nothing about them that made the movie off, except one does noticeably have arm hair; unsure if that's suppose to be a joke. Because, I swear, I think only one arm has it. They are funny and I want them to be in something else, but their own creation is a really weird film with only hints of humor I found funny. And frankly, I wanted more dancing. For a movie selling itself coming from a comedic dance team, it needs more dance.

As best explained by someone in the audience during the Q&A. The girls are on a snowy planet fighting beach balls. Yeah, it starts off weird and never stops. When they fight the beach balls the balls hypnotize them sending them to different dimension/ realities for different segments. Each segment first centers on one of the trio, each with a strange meta look of trying to make it into the entertainment industry. It's a common thread of all the segments, cept' for one about a three headed- mustached monstrosity that came about initially from one of the actresses breaking here leg and still wanting to do a dance.
Reggie Watts with Cocoon Central Dance Team

We start with fart jokes and end with the worst live performance of what looks like 90's girl group TLC. In between the girls got a few good laughs out of me like the surreal Q&A that took place within the movie that made fun of itself.

Snowy Bing Bongs shows that there are talented female comedians that need to get more exposure past Garfunkel and Oates, they just need to sit down a do a movie with a plot, that's not completely insane.

The Q&A after the show- the real one-was great. Cocoon Central Dance Team was more a pleasure to see in person then in the film. There chemistry and they're live action responses to Reggie's questions made me wonder why I just couldn't get into the film. You'll be able to judge it in about a year as its director's basically said it'll be going to film festivals and then some way of getting in online.