Thursday, August 10, 2017

Anime News Network Hacked, But Not Down

 Update 9/8/17: Anime News Network is back at its original domain and has gotten its Twitter back.

Anime News Network, a major source of anime news was hacked Aug 7 and its main site has been down since. However, you can access it, just through another link, you just have to add a .cc at the end instead of a .com.

From their latest update on the matter, found here, if you had an account with them your personal information is still safe. ANN's own information for Twitter and employee emails wasn't so lucky, so be sure to check their main site and hold back sending any info that's asked by their social media accounts until everything's been cleared.

 ANN explains what's up:
  • ANN was “hacked” on August 7th;
  • Hack was likely achieved by social engineering; using Christopher Macdonald, CEO of Anime News Network's cell phone number to gain access to accounts
  • Hackers were able to transfer our domain to a HK registrar notorious for domain theft;
  • E-mails sent to addresses @ after the hack may be read by the hackers;
  • Hackers were able to take temporary control of our @Anime twitter account;
  • Our servers were not compromised;
  • User accounts, passwords, e-mail addresses, etc... were not compromised;
  • Cell phones aren't perfect 2-Factor security.