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Friday, August 18, 2017

No Delusion This Halloween

Just revealed in a newsletter to the fans, now apparently called Delusionals-that is not a thing and will not become a thing-is that there will be no Delusion event this Christmas Halloween. Yes, one of LA's favorite haunts will have no show or haunted experience this Halloween season. A favorite of fans, whatever version of the Delusion that has come out in recent years has sold out, well in advance.

Delusion rose above regular haunts with better special effects and and being interactive unlike the simple walk-through haunts.

Why no Delusion? Sadly, no venue has been found to house them this year. It's been a problem over the years with neighbors and different laws in place for what you can do on a property in LA. The only upside founder Jon Braver disclosed was that a venue has been found for 2018.

Even though a major deal with Skybound, a major entertainment company trying to do find new attraction events, was reached,  Delusion still seems no closer to the promised year round venue.

It's sad that LA's haunts will be missing one of their best this October. Creep LA, you better go all out this year.