Thursday, August 17, 2017

ECLIPSECORE Tonight August 17

Looks like we're celebrating the eclipse early with the dubbed ECLIPSECORE featuring live panels on the subject mixed with music.

Thu, Aug 17, 2017, 7:00 PM
1611 S Hope St
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Featuring new videos and animations by 27 artists, ECLIPSECORE premieres in LA for one-night only TONIGHT before transiting to be along the path of totality in Salem, Oregon.
7:30PM Eclipse Panel with Sasha Samochina, Immersive Visualization Producer at Ops Lab NASA JPL, Marijke Jorritsma, UX/UI Designer at NASA JPL and next-level creators Andrew Benson and Rick Silva. Moderated by Sharsten Plenge, WOAH IRL.
360 panel powered by Experience360VR— tune-in via GhostingTV's livestream.
8:15PM ECLIPESECORE - Screening - Part I
9PM Music Performance by P.H.O.R.K.
9:45PM ECLIPSECORE - Screening - Part II
10:15PM DJ set by P.H.O.R.K.

With an AR installation by The Great Nordic Sword Fights & Cabbibo.