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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Resident Evil Experience Review: Let's Join the Umbrella Corporation or Y' Know Die

We managed to get in one of the extra nights of the now again sold out Resident Evil Experience, which hopefully takes on more nights past Nov 6. Thanks to the our friends over at World 8 for hooking us up.

Resident Evil Escape Experience
Fri, Oct 21, 2016, 6:30 PM –
Sun, Nov 6, 2016, 11:00 PM
2147 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Umbrella needs new members-hmm, I wonder why- and you need to take the test. From the good folks over at iam8bit and Capcom comes a nostalgia trip for Resident Evil fans in what is a surprisingly fun and puzzingly escape room, the Resident Evil Experience. You and up to five others in a 45-minute gauntlet of mystery solving must escape from zombies in many homage based locations from the Resident Evil series. This endeavor is filled with pulse-pounding danger as you are reminded that zombies are after you in a limited test to see if your up to snuff to be part of Umbrella.

Before going in for the experience you'll be able to hang in iam8bit's lounge. You can demo Resident Evil 7 in PSVR and even play the original game on a PS1.

At the same time check out the special art work made for the experience from many iam8bit's favored artists. As already noted our favorite piece was Mitch Ansara's piece that he was too lazy or uncreative to name that was so liked by iam8bit it's also the special edition shirt they're selling for the experience. It pay homage to Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo poster and should adorn any Resident Evil fan's home.When we went, 10/26, the art was still in a pre-order state, so don't expect you can pick it up unless told so there.

Before getting in you also have to relinquish your phone and sign a waiver. Now, you're given a little number tag to get your phone back, but I would have loved if they gave you an ink ribbon and put your stuff near a typewriter for nostalgia save purposes from the game.

White lab coat wearing Umbrella Corporation employees ushered us in and explained the rules. And like turning on a PlayStation to play the game we stepped into a fully realized escaped room based on Resident Evil.

It was dark and it was scary. It was like being thrust straight into a game.

What would follow would be a series of clues and puzzles to solve and unlock a web set up from the good folks at Umbrella. The corporations presence is felt, but also familiar and similar puzzles from the game. You'll need search through different locations. Don't think you'll only be visiting one venue in the night.

While trying to figure out some very intricate puzzles you will hear something coming after you, the undead. All the while you'll have to work in a team to get the right numbers, collect keys and figure out all the clues.

These puzzles can greatly differ and have you scrounging the rooms, looking through every nook and cranny all while time moves forward and admiring the set-up.

You may even have a chance for a little cosplay if you want to get more into the moment with what's laying around the rooms.

Now this isn't easy, my team and I only had a minute thirty-four left on the clock before our time was up. Time felt like it passed to fast as we were constantly trying to crack codes.

 Sadly, the experience isn't giving real statistics on people who make it out alive or their times. Though a white coat did tell me overall people are making it and passing the conclusion. Some however, are just making it to the end and well, not everyone is Umbrella Corporation material.

The conclusion is a wonderful treat to go along with all the tricks you've endured so far, but be weary it isn't easy and required some final team effort to make it out alive. Let's just say, there's a VCR you'll need to use at the end.

We loved the Resident Evil Experience as fans of the game series and of haunts and escape rooms. It gets high marks in every category. A perfect haunt for those into the video games and wanting to do something for Halloween. Or heck, even maybe after, as rumor is Capcom may take it on the road.

If more tickets become available we highly recommend going and dress like the characters from the game if you want too.